Sanctum Financial Investment

We invest in global equities and bonds with a view to capital preservation and growth.

About Us

We invest in resilient companies and bonds, with a targeted growth above 7% annually.

Our Funds

We invest in global equities and bonds on behalf of Financial Science Holdings

Our Investment Philosophy

  • Capital safe haven
  • Algorithmic capital allocation
  • Evolving machine learning
  • Open, positive, scientific analysis
  • Investor fiduciary focus
  • Deep connections between industry and academia.

  • Long-term resilience strategy
  • Diversified sectors and securities
  • Transparent performance review applied on ever expanding data sources
  • Excellence in machine learning, analytics and engineering
  • Clear results, technology and fees
  • World leading scientific analysis

  • Supports high-net-worth individuals, family offices and pension funds
  • Shockproof securities flourishing across wide ranging market conditions
  • Constantly refines returns
  • Disruptive force in financial services
  • Maximised long term returns
  • Real world engagement for students and faculty


Kindly note we are only able to provide our investment management services to Professional Investors and we cannot deal with Retail investors. We would recommend that you seek independent advice from a finance professional if you are unsure about your status. Please click below to continue.


Sanctum Financial Investment has no connection with Sanctum Asset Management.

Please see notification from the Financial Conduct Authority for further information.